Is Burning Wood Bad For The Environment?


No. Burning wood emits the same amount of carbon whether you burn it at home or whether it was left to decay in its natural environment. Burning wood does not add to your personal carbon footprint.

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How Big Are The Logs?


Our logs are split to 10" long pieces. This standard size will fit almost every wood burner on the market. Please double-check the dimensions of your wood burner or fireplace before placing an order.

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How Do You Deliver The Firewood Logs?


We have a fleet of vehicles that can tip the wood onto your property. Ideally, we will deliver the logs onto a driveway, but if there is access for our vehicle to drive to a different part of your property we can unload the logs at your preferred location.

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What Moisture Content Are Your Logs?


Our seasoned logs never leave our storage unit until they are under 20% moisture. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality wood that delivers a long, slow burn all year round. If our wood isn't at this level, we keep it drying until it is ready to go to our loyal customers.

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