What Is A Smokeless Ovoid?


Smokeless Ovoids are ground anthracite, reformed and bound with mollasses. They are black, smooth and oval shaped and are used as a more clean and efficient substitute for coal.

What Is A Smokeless Ovoid?2021-10-27T15:52:06+01:00

Why Not Just Use House Coal?


Smokeless ovoids burn hotter, cleaner and longer than traditional house coal. They are approved by the government for clean air zones as better for the environment, your health and your chimney lining.

Why Not Just Use House Coal?2021-10-27T15:51:52+01:00

Will You Empty The Bags Into My Coal Bunker?


Yes, our team will empty the smokeless ovoids into your coal bunker and take the empty bags away. Please request this service whilst placing your order.

Will You Empty The Bags Into My Coal Bunker?2021-10-27T15:51:21+01:00

Can I Pay Over The Phone?


Yes, we accept debit & credit card payments over the phone. We cannot accept American Express. Our team will be in touch to take payment and confirm your order.

Can I Pay Over The Phone?2021-10-27T15:45:05+01:00
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