Big K

Stoke Ferry, PE33.

Commerical Fencing

Big K, originally set up as Kleanthous & Son – a company importing quality charcoal – expanded and opened a new centre in Norfolk in 1989. Here, they supply a range of products, including charcoal, to restaurants and the public. In 2021 Big K approached TTSR Ltd with plans to develop their Norfolk site, to include the installation of palisade fencing and gates; and specialist acoustic fencing to act as a noise barrier on two sides of the site.

Work began early 2022 with the clearance and cutting back of existing trees, hedging and other encroaching growth. 2-metre high galvanised palisade fencing along the site’s northern boundary was erected next. Starting mid-2022, a total of 800 metres of palisade fencing and associated manual gates were added to the site. In addition, from late-2022, 365 metres of acoustic fencing at 2.5-metres high were erected.

Acoustic fencing is a specialist solution ideal for commercial properties to create a neat, strong and noise-reducing barrier around their site. The panels are double-thickness timber (up to 11.66kg/m2 as opposed to the standard 4kg/m2) that absorb and reflect much of the sound directed at them.

They use a solid, tight-fitting network of integrated posts, panels and gravel boards, which enhance the structure’s security and noise-reducing capabilities.

The galvanised palisade fencing and gates provide a high level of site security. Due to the zinc coating finish, it is a robust permanent fencing system offering strength, longevity, and anti-rusting. The shape and construction lend to an anti-climb format, making this a popular choice for business perimeter fence lines with heavy-duty secure vehicle and pedestrian gate options.

Work on the fencing and gates was completed in 2023. Further discussions regarding grounds maintenance and landscaping areas have been continued with TTSR Ltd in 2024, emphasising consideration of Big K’s commitment to environmental biodiversity and their plans for further developing a positive, safe and attractive working environment for their staff. We have had the privilege of working alongside Big K, as they grow and expand their business – through what has been a busy couple of years for them and ourselves.

We look forward to a continued relationship and working together on further landscaping projects, potentially including soft landscaping and tree-planting works.

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