From 5th November, once again, many of us will be working from home. This may mean a certain amount of interruptions in your working day – like children pressing on your keyboard or even cats/dogs trying to walk over your keyboard or gate crash your zoom meetings – everything we have recently had to learn to work with, has now returned and we are back to juggling our new normality.

However, this time around the sunshine has gone and been replaced with chilly, damp mornings and rainy days. Whereas these “interruptions/weather” may be outside of our control, having a nice roaring fire in the background keeping us cosy and warm and brighten up what would otherwise be a dark, dull day – isn’t.

Here at TTSR, our services remain the same, even during this second lockdown. Although we may be working from home ourselves when you call, we aim to continue to offer you the excellent service and quality product you have come to expect from us.

Contact us now on 01760 440806 or and stock up on firewood/smokeless fuel/coal.

Keep safe & well and warm during this lockdown period.

Our best wishes from Wil Smith & The Team @ TTSR